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    I need to mount a QIC-113 formatted file to restore data...


    I have a problem. A customer of ours recently brought in a set of MS Backup files for us to see if we could restore. I have spoken with a variety of data recovery companies and they said that he was out of luck.

    The issues is that MS backup sees it as a vaild backup file but only restores a few files that total under 1 MB, yet the file itself is over 600 MB.

    My thought is that perhaps it would be possible to load the file into linux and mount it as a loop device. Unfortunately I cannot find anything leading me even close to how to do this. Everything I read concerning the QIC-113 support points to using Ftape and accessing the /dev/ftape device using cpio, tar, etc...

    Is it possible to make the file appear as the /dev/ftape device or does anyone even have an idea on how to go about trying this? If this is better asked in another forum, could you please refer me to that one?


    UPDATE: I should also have mentioned above that according to Microsoft, the MSBACKUP program in Windows 98 uses a QIC-113 format.

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    I don't know if this will help or not. I did a Google and came up with this

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    A tool that actually reads MS .qic backup files on Linux (OSS) is:


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