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    Nothing Linux works on my new computer

    I built my first computer last week. An Asus P5B motherboard(standard model) a core 2 duo 2.13 6400 and 2x1 gb sticks of kingston ddr2 800 ram. I have a 650 watt Antec power supply with a Nvida GeForce 7600 GS graphics card. I have 1 harddrive that is Sata a 200gb maxtor. I have a floppy drive. 2 dvd drives(one burner) that are hooked up with the same cable through IDE. Everything works just super with my windows XP home set up. I can load from and drive, burn and play dvds etc. I CAN'T USE ANY LIVE LINUX DISKS AT ALL. I also can't install any thing other than windows. When I try any(i mean I tried every distro) live DVDs/CDS I get errors that say Can't find Knoppix file system, sorry dropping you to a (very limited shell). press, reset to quit.Additional built in commands avaliable CAT MOUNT UNMOUNT


    At first I cound not even load windows until I changed the ram speed in the bios. I have tried 5 different drives. Checked the ram, tried loading only one stick of ram. nothing works. Mepis gets an error that says halted. and Ubuntu just locks up and has no errors messages. All my disks have worked and still work with my other computers.

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    woops bump

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    Have you tried the following kernel parameters with a recent distro like FC6:

    linux all-generic-ide apci=off irqpoll selinux_compat_net=1

    This has, what I've gathered, worked for some people on linux forums.

    The whole core2duo/965 thing has in all turned out to be very frustrating. I've wanted to buy this hardware combination for half a year now but have not yet found a reliable motherboard (where everything is verified to be working with recent kernels & a reasonable amount of configuration).

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    yes I did try the new Fedora with no luck. It worked on my other computer. I guess I just built myself a new vista computer. This could be an evil plot by Bill to control the computer world forever.

    linux all-generic-ide apci=off irqpoll selinux_compat_net=1

    How do I use that line?

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    Smile Hemant

    Hi i know how a windows user faces difficulty when switching to linux.

    I am also a new linux user & as far as i know try installing SLED-10 (suse linux enterprise desktop-10) or openSUSE-10.2 it is the best operating system i have ever seen so try it & enjoy.


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    After 14 different linux distros used I found one that installed. Mandriva 2007. I can't believe thats the only one that liked my current setup. What do they know that others do not.

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    Try one of the windows replacements

    I have a desktop system with a GE 7600 GS Video Card.

    All the distros that work on the laptop will not work on my desktop. I finally found one. Its one of the window replacement Linux's. Linspire is the ($) version and Freespire is the free one. The free one works on my desktop.

    Give it a try.

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