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    Lightbulb Unable to boot any Linux distro on new mother board

    I'm using this forum to document a problem and the solution.

    Problem: I purchased a P965T-A ECS elitegroup mother board with a 6300 intel processor recently as a combo. It will not boot from any distro I tried, Debian Sarge, SuSE 10.2, Centos 4.3, FC[456], Knoppix, Parted CD. This mother board has an Intel chip set on it and it has no support for PATA devices, so they put a J-Micron IDE controller on the board to support IDE devices. For some strange reason, a CD disk will boot, but when it goes to read the disk to load drivers, etc. it says there is no CDROM. I'm guessing that support for that chip set isn't in the kernels but I don't know for sure.

    On additional factor is that I have a 3rd party IDE card in this system to support my legacy disk farm. I wasn't rich enough to replace those with SATA disks.

    I moved the CDROM to the secondary port on the 3rd party IDE card. Unfortuately nothing appeared in the bios setting for boot devices that made sense. I saw the hard drives, floppy, and a CDROM entry, but that is for a SATA attached CDROM. The IDE CDROM did not show up, however there were a bunch of "slot" entries. I have no idea what they are and it is not documented in the manual, but just for grins, I selected the first "slot" to boot from and it turns out that is the IDE CDROM drive.

    It is possible without the ide card, the system may have booted successfully from the J-Micron controller, but I didn't test that.

    There are a few bugs relating to this MB in the Ubuntu bug list also.


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    I suggest you look up "Hacking openSUSE 10.2" by Jem Matzan. This is a superb article on 10.2 as a whole and I can strongly recommend it to all openSUSE 10.2 fans. In your particular case, with the Jmicron problem, you need to refer to the section headed:
    "CD not found" error before installation.
    Jem's article can be found at:-

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    Thanks! Wish I'd seen this before I reconfigured. Oh well, that's a great article, thanks for mentioning it.


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