Fellow Humans all, greetings from the edge of the world.
Me Pengies coffed oop a Cleese ball....

I have this Intel® QX3T microscope to set up for a young scientist and I am lookin more stupid than usual here........
The ONLY working model we have found is using the CPIA package.
I have the latest CPIA deb but when I give it to the installer it gives me "Error: dependency not satisfiable: python".
Of course we are using python! The latest, and Idle.
The problem is that the installer takes the direction from the package to look for Python PRE 2.4 and I dont know how to tell it to accept a later version.
So far the same problem exists in Edubuntu, Kubuntu and Knoppix as well. I am going to try more distros this weekend.

We posted on the Knoppix, Ubuntu and Kubuntu forums and got lots of reads but no replies.
I washed up and brushed my teeth this time.

We need more detail but the installer, CPIA page and package contain zippy.
We tried searching and got nothing for the last couple years and none of it addresses this error.

Maybe its from the Ministry of silly error messages.

Is there a way to go around this error?

Thanks ALL.