I've got the linux wacom drivers working fine, except when I have to hard restart or shutdown my computer, following a crash or a hang at the final Kubuntu screen while shutting down (speaking of which, does anyone know how I can prevent those? It seems to happen most often on restarts, over shutdowns?). When Kubuntu boots up after one of these hard restarts, the Wacom tablet isn't working, and it takes at least one or two more successful restarts before it works again. This is unbelievably annoying, despite the quick speeds of restarting Linux.
I would love a solution to this problem, or, if that cannot be found, some sort of startup script that would detect whether or not the Wacom was working (I know there's a console command that lists input devices... I think it could use that?) and if not, restart the computer. I cannot code whatever language that would need (I only know ActionScript ) but it seems fairly simple for someone that does.
Any ideas? Thanks!