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    I am running the i386 version of FC6 on a 64 bit processor. Athough I haven't had any problems I don't really know what the issues might be. I know the processors are usually backwards compatible so you should be able to run 32 apps.

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    Right, if you use a 32-bit distro you shouldn't have any problems, but then you've paid extra money for 64-bit capabilities which you're not using.
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    yea but the predicted switchover to complete 64 bit processing is in the near future, so it's a decent investment

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    For dual core power and value for money it is currently impossible to beat AMD's AM2 x2 3800 65watt cpu.
    Look for the ADO prefix, not the ADA. Also have a look at the newegg customer feedback. This cpu is very highly rated.
    Have a look at newegg's special combo deals with various motherboards and this cpu.
    Intel's Core2Duo cpus are faster (so what for most Linux applications?) but they are more expensive. In addition you would need to buy a more expensive Intel motherboard which generally has more Linux bugs than its AMD counterpart.

    Have a look at my earlier reply (in Hardware) to navyvet:
    "Completely New System-Any Recommendations?" thread started 01-12-2007.
    Good luck.

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    thanks a ton

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    No problem.
    In due course, let me know your final system spec.

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    I will do that

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    I just made my first computer. I made a really fast rig. I have an intel core 2 duo 2.13 with an Asus p5b motherboard with 2GB of kingston ddr2 800 ram.Nvida graphics card 7600gs. I built the wholw thing for $900. you can make a really fast computer for much cheaper than I did. I went with a really pricey case and power supply. I used a Antec ppower supply that was $150 and 650 watts. I did have some problems running some linux distros because of how new the stuff was and not yet configured with everything. I can use ubuntu and mandriva the newest versions worked only. If I were you I would use a nvida graphics card and go with an AMD(dual core) or intel 2 core processor. you will love the speed of those processors. Do a search for which motherboard you need. Don't worry about the fact that the new intels and amds are 64 bit because you can still run the 32 bit programs and distros. I am running the newest 32 bit distros(mandriva and ubuntu) without problem. Go to newegg to buy the parts. If you do go with a dual core machine get a good power supply. Get at least 500 watts. Its seems that most linux people use AMD and Nvida products. So those are what I would look for first. You can also just go with an AMD single core processor for about $50 dollars. Just get the fastest one you can afford then overclock it to get the extra speed. The motherboard is important, go with one that will let you upgrade in the future. I hope this helps. I'm not a computer building expert but I did just build my first rig. Good luck. Do a search for known good configurations of linux computers and see what works for others.

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