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    pppd disconnects after some minutes

    I've installed openSuSE 10.2 on my AMD64bit computer.
    I've used slmodem driver for my Zoltrix Conexant SoftLink modem but my dial-up connection automatically disconnects after 5 - 20 minutes and my dialer(for example wvdial) shuts down connection because of no activity.
    I have no problems in Windows XP.
    Can you help me to know what is the cause of the problem(modem driver or something else)?

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    Thats set as a demand interface

    There is a thing called Dial on Demand - this is a technique used in WANs where an interface with a static route attached to it only comes up when needed. So when traffic needs to reach, say,, your modem creates a PPP connection. When no traffic passes through the interface for a pre-deterimed interval, it closes down the ppp session. This is all in attempt to save money. This tradition is thanks to how ISPs used to charge an arm and leg for POTS and ISDN connections. Based on your description, it times out when inactive.

    To check if you have demand dialing, first disconnect your ppp connection, and issue an ifconfig ppp0 - if this interface is still there after you disconnect, demand dialing is present. The interface should have a private IP assigned to it.

    Check your syslog files for anything like "link brought down to inactivity" and check your /etc/ppp/ppp.conf for anything like "demand" and remove that line. Check man /etc/ppp/ppp.conf.

    If this is not the problem, then i dont know.

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    Thanks for your comment, but
    It disconnets while I'm using it for example I'm downloading something and suddenly Receive Rate goes down to zero and then after 5 mintues pppd automatically disconnects.
    My problem is that why receveing data stops.

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