I have a choice of modem to install into my OpenSuSE 10.2 linux box. I'll be using the modem for fax send & recieve and caller ID logging.

The first choice is an Intel Ambient HaM Plus Internal PCI Modem-MD5628D. I have been able to find a Linux driver here but I've had no luck installing the driver.

The second choice is a Diamond Multimedia SupraMax 56i PCI SUP2260. I've been told that this has been used under Linux, but I can find no reference as to how it's done.

I also have a AOpen FM56-PX modem, that I'd like to install, but I need to get one of these other modems working first. I've no idea if this modem can be used under Linux, but it probably suffers from the same issues as the Diamond mentioned above.

Can anyone help get one of these working?