I bought a usb stick (memorex 2gb MiniTravelDrive) and I erased all the U3SmartDrive data on it (downloaded the uninstaller from their website).

I erased all data on the disk using dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda (sda is the usb stick, 100% sure). When using cfdisk to create a 33MB bootable partition with fat16, i can't mount it. It asks me to specify the file system type, but when I do (using fat16 or msdos or vfat) it says it can't mount it. I tried it several times, trying different settings, like partitions taking 100% of diskspace, using ext3, ext2, fat16, fat16 LBA, fat32, fat32 LBA. Nothing seemed to work. What's happening? Where am I going wrong? Why are these programs not cooperating with me, nor each other?

parted works though, but then sfdisk -l complains that the geometry is wrong, that the CHS that is registered in partition table is inaccurate. Its complaint seems to not matter much, because everything else is working alright. The complains occurs after I make a fat32 or fat16 partition less than 100% of disc space. Does this discrepancy matter? Should I be concerned that the drive's geometry isn't being utilised correctly, or accurately?

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I hope I can provide more information, should I be required.