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    PC fails to boot - a new box

    Hi folks,

    CPU - AMD Athlon64 dual core 512Kx2 3800
    Motherboard - ASUS M2N-E
    Video Card - Gigabyte GeForce 6600 DDR2 256M
    RAM - Corsair DDR2 PC-6400(800) dual channel 1Gx2 (2G)

    Just build the capationed PC. It failed to boot. The problem is as follows;

    Remark: all new components except the video card which was removed from another PC. The said card is working without problem. I put it back to its PC.

    - turned on the PC and pressed [DEL] at boot
    - if started the BIOS page. But I can't save the settings selected. It only hung on scree after hitting [OK]
    - pressed [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del] The PC rebooted. Same problem reoccured unable to save BIOS. Pressed [F5] - default setting, with the same result, unable to save only hanging on screen
    - pressed [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del] again. PC failed to boot with a dark screen resulted.

    I have to turn off the power, allowing the PC standing a while (about 20 min). The PC can be booted again. However the same problem reoccured.

    I suspect the problem coming from the floppy drive. I put a working floppy drive from another PC on this new box. Problem remained the same.

    Please advise what will be the possible cause. Reset button on PC has no function. TIA


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    Your problem may relate to your 800MHz high performance ram which needs to run at 2.1 volts (double check with Corsair first) and not the default 1.8 volts.
    This is a common problem with hi-po ram.
    Try doing the following:

    Do remember to clear the CMOS by putting the jumper on pins 2 and 3 for a few seconds. Then return the jumper to pins 1 and 2.

    The next step is vital with high performance memory such as the Corsair 6400C4 (4-4-4-12-2T).
    Insert only ONE stick of ram in either number 1 or number 3 slot. (Twinned pairs should be placed in positions 1 and 2 OR positions 3 and 4).This is for Abit, so check your motherboard handbook.

    Start up the pc whilst holding down "Del" in order to access the BIOS.
    Select "SoftMenu Setup" (or whatever equivalent your board has. Mine is an Abit), then go to DDR2 RAM voltage and increase it from the default of 1.8 volts to 2.1 volts. Press F10 for Save and Exit then switch off the pc.

    Insert the second stick of RAM and start up the pc again. The new memory should now be running stable at 2.1 volts and 800MHz.
    Of course, your problem may well be nothing to do with ram but try this first.
    Good luck.

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    Hi cruetset1080,

    Tks for your advice.

    I visited ASUS agent bringing with me;
    - M2N-E motherboard
    - CPU - AMD Athlon64 dual core 512Kx2 3800
    - RAM - Corsair DDR2 PC-6400(800) dual channel 1Gx2 (2G)
    - a brand new Video card, ASUS EN7300GS

    The technician started the test as follows;
    - put the motherboad on a paperbox, with RAM, CPU and video card plugin
    - connected a power supply to the motherboard
    - connected a LCD monitor to the video card (VGA connection)
    - connected a keyboard to the motherboard.
    - turned on the power supply.

    BIOS page started without problem. Saving new settings were possible.

    He advised me to repeat the test at home. After having checked it works without problem, connect other components, HD, floppy drive, CD/DVD Rom, etc. and install OS on the HD. After finish and checking the OS working without problem put the whole set components back to the PC box.

    I forgot to ask him how can the motherboard boot without connecting power switch to activate booting.


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    Hi folks,

    I visited ASUS agent the 2nd time, bringing with me the M2N-E motherboard, Corsair Dual Channel RAM and ASUS video card. (same agent for Corsair RAM) This time the technician took a serious aptitude on my complaint, checking the components carefully. He turned on the motherboard with RAM and video card plugged in. It failed to boot, the luck not being with him. Then he checked the RAM on all 4 slots individually discovering that one slot did not work. He suspected the motherboad having problem but without a new motherboard for replacement. He requested me coming back 2 days later. I rejected saying that I'll get a new motherboard replaced with the retailer. He asked me to wait a while taking the RAM to the lab to test. He returned with another conclusion that one of the Corsair RAM was found not working properly, some time working another time fail. He requested me waiting for 15 min for him to get a new pair of Corsair RAM. He came back with a new pair of Corsair dual channel RAM. He tested the RAM separately as well as in pair on all 4-slots to certifying that they were working problem. I got a replacement of another pair of Corsair RAM.

    I'll build the PC later making an overall testing.

    The problem costs me 3 working days, 2 trips to ASUS agent and a power supply. The cable of the power supply for connecting floppy drive got burned accidently for unknown cause after numberous plugin and removed. It was also a brand new power supply made by 2th Max. I turned up to the retailer shop for replacement but met with a refusal on the ground that I plugin it on the floppy drive wrong. So I have to get another new power supply. Although the retailer checked it without problem. I have no confidence on it anymore. I don't know whether the floppy drive got damaged or not. I don't need it.

    Had the technician checked the motherboard and RAM carefully on my first visit. OR if I tested the Corsair RAM one-by-one at start on booting the PC, not in pair I'll discover the problem.

    I do hope that there will be no further problem surfaced on my continue test building the PC. Now I have almost all new components, motherboard, RAM, video card, power supply, HD, case, etc. except the DVD writer.

    Anyway, folks, lot of thanks for your advice.


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