Hello, I hope someone can help me out here

I have a problem with Gnome and am using it in Ubuntu Edgy. I don't want to create too long a post so will post outputs of commands such as 'dmesg' , 'less /etc/mtools' and so on upon request from any one who thinks they may be able to help solve my dilemma.

Basically, my USB devices are not functioning fully in Ubuntu. My mp3 player, for example, does not get detected by Gnome unless I plug it in to a USB port on my laptop (Fuj Siemens Amilo L7310GW) while the computer is switched off and thus the device is detected and mounted (I have an icon in /media/ and on my desktop) automatically during the boot process. If I plug this or any other device in while Ubuntu is running, ie I have my laptop switched on, gnome volume manager (hal, nautilus???) does not detect them in any way at all. pmount commands or mount commands only give 'special device sda1 does not exist. Do I need IVMAN too?

This scenario applies to all of the USB devices I have, which are for eg, mouse, gamepad, flash drive etc. I am pretty sure that it is not a hardware compatibility issue because the devices more or less work if I plug them before I boot my comp. My mouse and mp3 player, however, do not always function as they should. Up until yesterday I could read and write to my mp3 player but now I can't see the music files in Gnome when I know they are on the device (I listened to them earlier). i can see the operating sytem icons in the player through Nautilus though and only if I have booted my notebook with the device already plugged in.

My mouse, unfortunately, fails to move the cursor so only the left-click, right-click, and centre scroll wheel work. All of my devices are commonplace. My mouse is 'pc-line' form PC World, and my mp3 is a 2GiB Logik (SigmaTel).

I have struggled to get any help with this dilemma because it is assumed that these devices will hotplug and or automount in Ubuntu with no configuration on my part. They are supposed to 'just work'. I have hal and thus gnome-volume-manager. I have also installed IVMAN but don't know where to go with that. I have tried loads of how 2s but to no avail.

I really need help to sort this out.