is there a way to manually detect reiserfs superblocks on a disk? in a case, there is no partition on the disk.
Is reiserfs's superblock somehow special and can be recognized by cat /dev/hda | grep .. ??
I tried already gpart and testdisk, they doesn't help much in my case. I know "circa" the location of the reiserfs filesystem but I dont know where to start, this is connected with my previous thread, but can be a separate problem.

Can you give me any hints on detecting superblock with debug_reiserfs?
Should I create an partition manually that suits the filesystem more or less and then scan the partition with that program? or any other program?

In the manpage of reiserfsck under "--rebuild-sb" is written something about finding the superblock first, but which progs to use?!

Any information will be very useful and I will be very thankful for it !!!

Thanks for reading, have a nice day ..