I know,it sounds fishy,but it isn't :P
A friend of mine had a 200GB WD HDD,after causing him some problems he decided to buy a new one and throw the old one away,being always short on Disk space I asked for it and he said its mine,so now I'm trying to find out whats wrong with the thing.

When I plugged it into my system I had an error Message on the start screen telling there's a "S.M.A.R.T" related problem and that I should back up the Data ASAP,I tried to format it,it went ok,but when I tried to do a Surface test using Paragon (Through DOS from a boot CD) it gave me a message saying "Disk I/O error"

I was using the Hiren's boot CD 8.8 and found a tool called "HDD regenerator",I used it on the HDD and it started finding Bad Sectors and recovering them,after scanning ~5.4GB of disk space the programs just hangs there,nothing happens.

in the past couple of days I downloaded 2 boot CDs "Ultimate boot CD" and "System Rescue CD" after reading about them in other threads,I didn't have enough time to test them that's why I used Hiren's CD cos I've used it before - I'm assuming its all about Bad sectors,and with this software getting stuck at some point maybe someone can point me to a better software that can solve my program,but for now I'm gonna go testing other softwares in that CD.

So,a long post - Excuse me for that but I'm trying to provide a good amount of info in case someone decided to be kind enough and guide me through,I really need thee extra disk space

Thanks in advance.