I am posting this in two locations because I don't know which forum is best suited, and I will ask for forgiveness in advance if I have made a mistake by doing so.

I have been searching for someone that has been successful at installing a Microtec 3600 scanner with the newer FC6 kernel. It is listed on my machine, and all of the front ends both see the scanner and identify in correctly...but when I try to scan either from xsane or from a terminal the scanner lights up and the motor just chatters like it is not being given a command to increment its location -- sort of an endless loop. The only way to stop it is to close the program (then I am told that the program has stopped responding), or to issue a control-c command from the terminal window if that is where the scan was started.

The scanner itself worked fine under windoze so it is not a hardware issue, and I have located a couple of posts that mentioned the usb library, but other usb devices (including a Sony Camera and a memory stick) all work fine.

Any suggestions would truly be appreciated