Hello i am completley new to linux. I recently just built a new computer while i was preparing for windows vista. Then i discovered that i hate bill gates. I have been hearing a lot about linux so i think i will give it a try. Any way my computer consists of:

video card: nvidia 8800 gts (i think nvidia had drivers for thisthat came out recently)
motherboard msi k9n diamond sli 590 chipset. (i coulldnt find this on nvidias website.
cpu-amd athlon 64 x2 5200
hardrive- 2 western digital caviar se16 500gb sata-300
and thats about it. its kinda overkill since i dont think i can play games with linux all that well but maybe i can havent researched that too much. Is any of this supported. thanks for any help. Also could anyone recommend a version of linux to use. Thanks