Whenever I Try to install Linux, (I can only start the installation with a boot floppy on an old piece of crap HP pavilion)I can't because It can't Use the Cdrom. I have tried Suse(boot disk doesn't work) , Kubuntu (boot disk doesn't work), Damn Small Linux,Vector Linux 5.8 gold(says it can't mount installation Media) Vector Linux Soho(no boot floppy),Arch Linux(no boot floppy) Ark Linux(No boot floppy)and Linux Mint(no boot floppy). I somehow managed to get damn Small Linux On there, But I am a newbie and i don't know how to do anything with it. I also have no way of data transfer between computers because whenever I try to mount my Cdrom drive, It says "cannot mount;No medium found" I am guessing that is a hardware problem? i also can't Use my usb zip drive or flash drive. Does anyone know if this is a fixable problem, or am I totally doomed? thanks