I recently got a new laptop and when reinstalling the printers at work I forgot how to get the mentioned copier/printer (iR C6800) to work. I could print to it successfully from my old laptop using the drivers in "cndrvcups-common & cndrvcups-lisp4" (prepackaged RPMs were extremely difficult to find, some japanese website had then...) but now I have forgotten how to specify the settings for the job accounting.

Previously the copier operated by punching in two four-digit numbers (id & password). Now there is some kind of card reader installed, and the card's id is sufficient for printing over the net. I think I had to manually add the id & pass for the copier to some configuration file as job options, but now I can't remember where and how.

Is anyone else printing directly to a Canon from linux using printer-side security and where do you specify your "account information" in that case?