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    Do you have a touch screen monitor

    Has anyone had any luck with any touch screens in Linux, and if so which one and what distro?

    I bought a touch screen monitor that I've been unable to get to work and I've tried 5 difference Distros. It works great in Windows XP. But with Linux the cursor goes in the wrong direction.

    Anyway, I need a small touchscreen for a project I've been working on. One that works with preferably Mandriva, but any Linux distro will work for now.

    If you have a touch screen that is working under Linux, please let me know which one it is and maybe a link to a site would be good.

    And If anyone can give me any help with the one I have, I'm still working on that.


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    Linux Guru bigtomrodney's Avatar
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    If it works with any it should work with all as it will be X that runs it. I would suspect there is a flag you can add to the xorg.conf file to flip the direction of movement.

    Have a look at the swapX and swapY flags here

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    (I can search google)

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    I know the card game/trivia machine at the bar near my house uses a touch screen and it is run off of linux (I saw it randomly reboot once and noticed it booted into a linux kernel ) but I have no idea how they installed it.

    But it's deffinately possible!!!!

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