I have an issue with my Creative SB Audigy ZS not able to play sound on a Dimension 8300. Windows and OpenSuse can make use of the sound system w/o Issue, however, Slackware can not.

So far as I can tell, there are two differentiating factors here. Within Suse, the drivers appear to be plain "Object Code", whereas in Slack, the drivers are the same except for the fact that they are Zipped.

Also, Opensuse is running 2.6 kernel and Slack is running 2.4 kernel...

That Being said, I've tried to unzip the drivers in Slack with no avail.
I've also looked up sound drivers on Alsa, which appear to be the same as what I have.

I'm thinking this is some type of user error on my part, so please start with the obvious solutions first. IE If something would be obvious to the avg Linux user, it may not be obvious to me. maybe something like turning the sound on or changing File Permissions is the prob?

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.