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    Vanishing GBP character from Keyboard.

    This fault appeared suddenly. With key+shift only "3" prints.
    My OS is Suse10.2 but I have also WindowsXP and other versions of Suse installed for tinkering with. Since other installations print normally it must be something to do with the Suse10.2 installation. I have had a look at the keyboard module using Yast2 but I didn't see anything that meant anything to me as a means of refreshing the original installation. My books do not make any reference to keyboard mapping or the like so I am stuck. Is there anyone , please, who can give me a line on investigating the problem?
    With thanks.
    John ker.

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    Out of interest, you haven't happened to change font have you? Can you manually insert the character in Open Office?
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    #1 john_ker Just Joined! Join Date: Mar 2005 Posts: 4 Vanishing GBP character

    I have not changed font, not knowingly anyway.
    I opened OpenOffice word processor and key+shift still prints "3".
    The pound sterling character is not among the "special characters".
    I use Latex and "\pound" prints the character.

    Thanks for your interest.

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    open terminal and execute 'setxkbmap us'.
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    Vanishing GBP character from Keyboard.

    I do indeed seem to have a problem with the keyboard configuration it seems.
    I was unfamiliar with "setxkbmap us" and did a bit of googling, looked at the man page and checked the application was on my computer. I tried it out on my "practice" installation and sure enough the layout changed to North American and "gb" changed it back again. However, with my "operational" installation I got the following error message both as user and root which seemed to indicate a problem to which I don't really understand the question, never mind the answer. So, I am still no further forward - although I do know a little more than I did thanks to the help I've had.

    john@jonsbox:~> setxkbmap gb
    Couldn't interpret _XKB_RULES_NAMES property
    Use defaults: rules - 'xorg' model - 'pc101' layout - 'us'
    Couldn't find rules file (xorg)

    I got the same message using "us"

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    Vanishing GBP character from Keyboard.

    It is all very educational investigating these problems but it is quick just to reinstall on an alternative partition especially if you have all data files backed-up and ready to go. Problem solved.

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