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    LVM is saying I only have 32m of free space on a new install of fc6

    I'm was having problems with Azureus saying that my disk is full, so I checked LVM and it's saying I've only got 32m of unused space in a 180G drive. I just went from fc4 to fc6 but as a new install not an upgrade. It formatted the drive during installation so what is taking up the space. when I install somthing from yum that exceeds that 32m it has no problem, no errors and still shows 32m of unused space. not really sure what's happening could this be a partition problem or can I clean up the disk. LVM is set to swap space not ext2 or 3 thanks.

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    Your post is kinda confusing but I'll take a shot at it. Open a terminal and enter this command:
    su -c df
    You'll need the root password for it but this will tell you a few things like this
    Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
    /dev/hda2              9920624   4961704   4446852  53% /
    /dev/hda1               194442     14925    169478   9% /boot
    tmpfs                   126644         0    126644   0% /dev/shm
    /dev/hda6               104170    102612      1558  99% /dos
    /dev/hda3              9920624   3391876   6016680  37% /home
    /dev/hdb1             38468936    180240  36334564   1% /mnt/ext3
    Does this show that your disk is full? It sounds like an LVM problem to me, but I don't know diddly squat about LVM, because I don't use it. Come to think of it, it might not work on LVM's
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