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    yap phone (usb skype phone)

    ok i have what i think are the very bassic windows driversw for this device how would i get it to work and which linux to use?
    i have tried em all from opensuse to fedora to ubuntu and its varients to knoppix to kateos.....
    so got most disks

    many thanks

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    You need to know what's the exact driver name for that USB device.

    When you got that file, you can do an "insmod drivername.ko" to get the driver loaded. If you have a 2.4 kernel, it's *.o instead of *.ko.

    If it doesn't load try "insmod -f drivername.ko". "-f" is force loading.

    If you can't find the driver, try getting the vendor and product ID with looking at the proc file system with "cat /proc/bus/usb/devices".

    There should be a block where the fields vendor, product, manufacturer or the like match with your device.

    First, have your device plugged out, and do that "cat /proc..." thing. If you get confused by to many blocks, try "/sbin/lsusb" with less info. Count the number of devices and then connect your USB device by plugging it in.
    Do that "cat" or "lsusb" again, and you you should see one device more.
    Use the four digit vendor and product numbers in your Internet search to find the driver.
    Additionally, when you plugged in your USB device, type "dmesg".

    When it says "driver found" or the like, the system loaded already the right driver and your problem is elsewhere. Otherwise, it says "no driver found" or the like. "dmesg" should also give you some naming or other info.
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