Hi everyone,

I'm using a Sitecom WL-011 card which uses an atmel chip. I have successfully installed the necessary drivers and they work great! But now the problem.

When booting, and the card is inserted, then everything works just fine!, Or just after booting when I insert the card (before doing anything else like stating X) it works fine to! But if I remove the card, my system hangs forever

Also after booting, if I would login as a "normal" user and then insert or remove the card the system hangs forever to

This is my software environment:

Linux 2.4.26 (patched with newest i2c and lm_sensors)
glibc 2.2.4
pcmcia-cs (don't know which version: at least 1 year old)
gcc 2.95.5 (my whole system is compiled with this compiler)
atmelwlandriver-20040423 (CVS snapshot downloaded from website atmelwlandriver.sf.net)

Can anyone tell me if this is a know problem/bug in pcmcia @ linux?

Thanks for your attention, and any help you can give me,

Friendly Regards,

Mel -> SoulDemon.