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    Problem installing driver for A360

    I have posted in one of the threads here that I will get drivers for DynaMode A360 for Linux.

    I have managed to get the drivers and a strange thing happened ...

    I got two files:
    linux install procedure.doc (copied to the buttom of the post)

    After doing what the instructions say (for about 3 times) I get an output saying an icon named ADSL is created under the Programs Menu.
    there is no such Icon and there is not any menu called Programs.

    I am using Fedora Core 1

    Please help me - I want to start surfing the Internet with Linux...

    Thanks in advance.

    the instructions are:
    1.Untar the package using
    	tar xvzf USB-APL-1-0.1-
    2.      go to install directory using
            cd USB-ADL-1-0.1-
    3. Run Install script by typing the following in the command line. 
         This will create /usr/adsl directory and copy all installer specific files into that directory and copy the rpm files into /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386. This would also create an ADSL entry and CSA entry in the Programs menu in the start button.
    4. Now the installation procedure can be followed by going through the various parameters’ configuration steps after which the driver installation will be complete.
    The procedure is similar to the windows install shield.
    5. Once drivers are installed successfully, plug in the USB modem and it goes to Showtime
        Normal data transfers can be initiated from this point 
    1. The USB device MUST be plugged out before uninstallation for a graceful uninstall.
    2. The CSA and ADSL entries in the start menu can be accessed as below
        -In case of Gnome
    	Start button > Programs > ADSL Modem Driver > CSA/Remove Driver
        -In case of KDE
    	Start button > gnome > ADSL Modem Driver > CSA/Remove Driver

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    It seems unlikly that an experiance linux user would refer to a "start menu" when discussing linux.. what is the link to this install information please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by variant
    It seems unlikly that an experiance linux user would refer to a "start menu" when discussing linux.
    Yes, it seemed a little strange for me either...

    Quote Originally Posted by variant
    what is the link to this install information please?
    I have recived this info via mail... after requesting it for about 50 times from Dynamode..
    Dynamode is the company that provide these modems.

    I just copied the entire installation info i have received to here (yes, that was everything).

    after running ./Install I get the following output :
    "An Icon 'ADSL' has been created under Programs/. Please double-click on it to start Linux GUI Installer."

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    i face the same problem

    can you please send me the driver to my email ?

    thanx in advance

    Ala' Eddin khader

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    Hi, ala33i... you really should start your own thread as this one is going on 3 years old.

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