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    Adding new disk to existing LV

    Hi there,

    first off -

    Ive recently inherited the responsibility of a Dell 2850 running Centos 4.3. It has a Powervault 220S attatched. I want to fill the final few bays of the powervault with some new drives but Im afraid my Linux-fu isnt up to scratch.

    The powervault is presented as a logical volume. If I add a new (and unformatted) disk to the powervault itself, how - or where - do I get at it to pvcreate/lvextend?? (if this is indeed the right thing to do...)

    Ive read through a few webpages but not found anything particular to my problem.

    Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated


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    2. you cannot add disks to lvs
    the proper procedure is
    Create a PV in the new harddisk added,
    then, you do a vgextend to increase the vg to span the new PV
    then you can use lvextend to increase the size of the partition.

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    Thanks for the reply bhaslinux.

    However, before I get to the partitioning/LVM stage i have a problem - the new scsi disk is not appearing in /dev...the only scsi disks showing up are the ones already in my volume group - 'pvscan' is displaying them all already there.

    How (or where) do I access the new disks?


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