Hello everyone!
Last December, I bought all the appropriate parts to build a new computer, including a biostar TForce 6100-939 motherboard and an OEM AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 processor. The computer happily ran linux for about 2 or 3 months(The processor generally kept at around 41 degrees celsius, I think), until one day I came home and the computer was dead. Closer investigation showed that the diagnostic LED's on the motherboard said that there was the error "Abnormal: CPU/Chipset error." The computer, when powered up, does nothing except turn on the two LED's that signify correct memory voltage and that the system is ready for power on. Other than that, nothing happens. I never overclocked the processor or did anything stressful to it. I tried removing everything except the processor from the motherboard and resetting the CMOS data, but it still did the same thing. So, I emailed Biostar tech support and they fixed me up to RMA the motherboard. I tried using the new motherboard, but it did the exact same thing. This, in my mind, would eliminate any chipset problem. Then I bought a new(AMD Athlon 3800+ retail) processor, but it is doing the same thing. Does anyone know what I can do or try next?