A few months ago I was deeply shocked to find that my main pc had crashed (first time ever). When I rebooted, the POST screen (and any screen with text on it) was all messed up.. some parts of the white text were in pink, the BIOS had wierd pinstrip color effects and also for some reason the system would not boot. It got to "uncompressing linux... Ok booting the kernel!" and thats where it stopped.. the hard disk murmerd for a few seconds, nothing else happend and i had to reset (the keyboard had also stopped responding. after turning off for a few hours and flashing the bios it booted up again fine. Now though the same thing happend this morning and after following the same procedure the problem remains... everything is normal with a different vidio card though.

Would you agree that this card (gf4ti4600 :() is fried? I _really_ dont want it to be!