DisplayLink and Samsung had announced 940UX LCD display with Displaylink chipset. This chipset enable users to connect their PC to the LCD display without any video card/without cable.

Unfortunately this display need a "Virtual Graphic Card"/VGC on MS Windows. Is there any similar display/software on Linux for X Windows or SVGALib?
Who can write the driver for this LCD?

Thank you.

From USB-Core.co.uk:
"The complete DisplayLink solution comprises Virtual Graphics Card (VGC) software that runs on a Windows host PC, and a Hardware Rendering Engine (HRE) inside the DL-120 or DL-160 graphics networking chips at the display end. The VGC software processes a stream of display information using the company’s proprietary adaptive graphics protocol and transmits it over a USB 2.0, wireless USB, or Wi-Fi link to the DL-120 or DL-160 chip that reconstructs the image on the display."