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    Sound Looping at the End of Pogo Games in IceWeasel

    I've got a strange problem that I can't seem to find that anyone else has. I recently installed Debian Sarge with FireFox and Sun JRE 5, and everything worked swimmingly. However, I replaced a hard drive and had to reinstall everything and in the meantime a new version of Debian stable was released, Etch. I've almost got everything working again, but FireFox is now IceWeasel and I'm having sound problems.

    My sister loves Pogo, and if there is one thing that must work on her system, it has to be that, and for the most part it does, but when she gets to the end of a game the last wave file will loop endlessly and when the next game starts the old wave will keep looping while the next game proceeds. There are no lockups, and it doesn't even slow things down, but it is an annoying problem nonetheless.

    If anyone has any ideas I'm all ears. I've tried Sun JRE 5 and 6. I've tried changing the PNP Bios option from no to yes. I tried switching to unstable and compiled the latest kernel. I tried Koqueror, but I couldn't get Java working so I couldn't even get the game started.

    AMD Athlon 1200
    SoundBlaster Live
    Debian Etch
    Kernel 2.6.20 (custom compile)
    IceWeasel (FireFox)
    Sun Java JRE 5 and 6 (tried both)

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    In case anyone has the same problem. I solved it by removing the SB Live card and going with the on board sound (SB 16). It doesn't sound anywhere near as good, but at least it works.

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