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    Question USB To Serial or External USB Modem

    I try to help my newbie friend with her old laptop.
    The laptop does not have any serial or modem.

    I have 3 options:
    1. External hardware modem (Hayes) connected to USB to Serial adaptor.
    2. External modem connected to USB.
    3. External modem connected to Ethernet.

    Which one is the best choice?
    Several years ago I had bad experience with external USB modem because the modem is a winmodem without any driver for Linux.
    Is Linux support for "USB to Serial adapter" better than Winmodem?
    Is the 3rd choice the best choice?

    Thank you.

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    I always thought that winmodems are mainly internal modems because of cost savings.

    If you got an external USB modem that is confirmed to work with Linux, this should do it, too.

    On the other side, Ethernet is always a good solution. I guess setup would be as easy as via serial port.

    A USB to serial converter might also be solution, overall if you got already an external modem.
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