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    problems with USB pendrive mount

    i loaded damn small linux from a USB pen drive and was able to mount it properly to access files on the device using:
    mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/sda1 -t vfat
    i got the files i needed (only to find that they were corrupt) and umounted sda1 and unplugged it (running the OS from a ramdisk). after reinserting, the same mount command didn't work. is the hotplug not working? is there a command to use to see which devices are mapped to what /dev/node?

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    When you use a mount command, you should use "umount /mnt/sda1" to unmount it.

    hotplug should give some output to be visible with the command "dmesg" when you're not already on a command line. That means, on a GUI desktop, plug or unplug the USB device and then look what new messages are there when launching "dmesg".

    USB doesn't make device nodes in the /dev/ directory, that's the USB device mounted as SCSI device.

    USB shows output with "lsusb" or /sbin/lsusb" and with "cat /proc/bus/usb/devices".
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    Quote Originally Posted by dilbert View Post
    When you use a mount command, you should use "umount /mnt/sda1" to unmount it.
    Quote Originally Posted by moonlightcheese View Post
    ... and umounted sda1 and unplugged it ...

    i did check the dmesg as the machine was powering down and just saw a bunch of errors, but didn't make note of them. would posting the applicable dmesg help?

    i will try out the usb tools you have listed there and see what i can see.


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