Ok not sure this is in the right area but i'm sure you guys can help direct me if it isn't. Ok basically i'm wanting to know how to go about making a memory card reader IC Board for Gamecube/N64/Playstation/Playstation2/XBox and XBox 360. I then wish to incorporate it into a USB device or IDE 5.25 bay. I realize the difficulty of this and would also like to know how you linux hardware makers test hardware theories (i.e. is there a good realistic software breadboard program, or at least a good physical breadboard and component set you guys would recommend when working with this kinda thing). I know and have heard of people tinkering with old SCSI floppy cables for Playstation memory cards called playsaver2. I'm just wondering if any of you guys have tried this or have any good leads to memory card specifications. I also am not TOO fluent in Linux drivers so anything you guys can recommend will be helpful.