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    Post GC-RAMDISK (v.1, v.2, v.3) + Linux (Any)

    I'm starting this thread to cronical my installs/troubles with installing Linux (any variant) to a GC-RAMDISK by gigabyte. For those who have successfully done this, I would also like to welcome you to helping me out. Thus far here's what I've attempted:

    Stock Dell OptiPlex GX 620
    2.0GB RAM
    GC-RAMDISK rev.3 - 4GB DDR PC3200 RAM
    OptiPlex GX 620 uses ICH7 chipset for SATA controller
    Will be posting various DMESG and other reports to show detections.

    Failed Installs:
    RHEL 4 - no detection of device
    CentOS 5 - no detection of device
    FedoraCore (up to 6) - no detection of device
    SUSE 10.2 - no detection of device
    Kanotix - no detection of device
    Slackware (up to 11.0) - no detection of device
    Gentoo 2006.1 and before - no detection of device

    Gentoo - 2007.0 -
    * DVD Live - hangs during GTK+ install at perl
    * CD Live - fails during GTK+ install with no reason or log created to find reason
    * CD Live - manual partitioning with text install - looking good so far

    Anyone who's successfully installed a variant of Linux on a GC-RAMDISK would be greatly appreciated to posting on this thread - I'm wanting to run some highly customized apps utilizing this guy. I realize that for most 4gb isn't ideal, and yadda yadda yadda, but this is the platform I've chosen for the particular demands that I'm seeking. 4gb is simply enough space for a server type installation running the core apps and design I need. Eventually I will expand into a 2xSATA2 750GB/1TB RAID0 configuration for content for the delivery modules and other large media, but I want the core modules and website on the GC-RAMDISK where it belongs - looking to have a reboot time of about 12 seconds and this can achieve that goal.

    Gentoo - 2007.0 - thus far this appears to be the most promising. Booting kernel is 2.6.19-r5. Anyone know why this kernel might be detecting the RAMDISK better than anything else before it? I know that OSes like RHEL and CentOS 5 use 2.6.19... so I'm wondering why Gentoo can see/edit/install to the RAMDISK whereas the others cannot. Personally I'm a slackware person and thought that it would work best, but alas the slackware 11 iso comes default booting 2.4.33, which doesn't detect this device. Any chance of modifying the CD to boot with the gentoo kernel so that I can install slackware on this device?

    Anyone's help would greatly be appreciated.

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    Successful install on Gentoo 2007.0 -

    Burned the CD Image of gentoo 2007.0 which is a live CD.
    Openned a terminal window, ran cfdisk to manually partition system
    after manual partition - ran text installer
    elected configuration options, but only installed to GC-RAMDISK partitions.

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    I have been wanting to buy a I-Ram but can't find any in stock. I have 4GB of suitable memory so I just need the module. Does anyone know where I can get one?

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    Smile GC-RAMDISK in short supply

    Quote Originally Posted by hms View Post
    I have been wanting to buy a I-Ram but can't find any in stock. I have 4GB of suitable memory so I just need the module. Does anyone know where I can get one?
    I do see lots of places sold out - funny how this device wasn't very popular, and then all the sudden it seems to be on short supply. Maybe I should sell mine and make a breeze of profit =) Not now that I've finally gotten linux on the darn thing!

    You can try these searches:

    gc-ramdisk - Google Product Search


    Only place where I found one definitively available was e-bay, but the <insert colorful metaphore> person is gouging the price... selling it for twice what its worth.

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