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    DVD burned on Mandriva unreadable elsewhere. Why?!

    I've got a Mandriva KDE desktop with DVD burner and an FC6(GNOME)/Windows laptop with a CD burner (and DVD player). To backup my FC6 data, I put everything on my Mandriva box in the hope that I'd be able to burn a backup DVD there. I've tried burning several DVDs (DVD-R, DVD+R, different brands of DVD, etc.). All of the DVDs are readable on the Mandriva box, none of them are readable on FC6 or any other computer for that matter, not even on Windows!

    The burner I'm using is K3B and I did try different settings such as "do not allow multisession" and "use buffer", etc. No difference (the DVD player is in French, so I'm giving a rough translation here).

    I'm anxious to backup my FC6 data so that I can do some spring cleaning as well as a fresh installation of FC7 next week, when it comes out.


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    Are you sure the FC6 and "other" machines are capable of reading DVD+r/DVD-r media? Not all players/recorders are compatible. I don't use DVD's but my Brother-in-law told me about this just the other day. I assume you know the +/- is very important.
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    I'm absolutely positive that the DVD player on my FC6 laptop works fine. The only DVDs I can't read on them are the Mandriva-burned DVDs (and for that matter, I can't read the Mandriva-burned DVDs on any machine whatsoever apart from the Mandriva box!). I've even tried reading them on Windows... Error message. I think it's a matter of settings and configuration when burning, perhaps fileformat or something like that. If you have K3B, just open it up, go through the process, do every step as though you're going to burn a DVD, and you'll see there are lots of settings (as well as default settings) and options... I imagine the answer lies in there somewhere, but I'm not sure where. I've already done some experimenting and some googling, the best thing would be to find someone who's had the same problem...

    Many thanks for your reply.

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