I received a 200 4/233 "Mustang+" from a friend a few days ago.
This is my first 64-bit CPU and I am still undecided of what to do with it.
My first instinct is to turn it into a workstation, for this I decided on Debian 4.

0. The system is rather flaky... sometimes it gets as far as the SRM prompt, other times I get the DROM beeps and the screen turns off.

I got up to "Low memory mode [!] Load installer components from CD"
and was pondering "mdcfg: Configure MD devices", (MD = MiniDisk, Sony's ill-fated storage medium?) when the system locked up. The diagnostic LEDs, as seen from the rear of the case :

(*) (*) (*) ( ) (*) ( ) (*) ( )

This LED configuration is not listed in the technical manual, so I suspect the hardware is damaged.

Is there anything I could do to trace the fault?
Or is this AlphaStation a bin job?
(I would probably try to give it away, spare parts for DEC are pretty rare)

P.S.: Anyone know a forum for DEC Alpha users, please let me know