I am currently playing around with Mandrake 10, but have also used a couple previous versions of Mandriva. In all of the installs that I've done, I never had my USB keyboards work past LILO. I'd always have to plug in my PS2 to do anything. I had a Saitek Eclipse, and now have a Logitech G15, but results are still the same. Once Linux initialises USB, the Legacy Keyboard support kicks off and I loose USB Keyboard support. The keyboard is plugged directly into the I/O Shield USB ports, not through hubs.

What sort of settings or code would I be looking at to get this working? I'm not very adept at editing in Linux yet.. But I'm game.

Also, I recently upgraded to a BFG nVidia 7950GX2 video card. I was pleased to see that it recognised that I was running dual screen, but it set itself to the cloned mode, and had some horrible graphics corruption and weird desktop wrapping issues. Any Ideas on that?

I downloaded the updated Nvidia drivers for Linux and managed to get the package installed correctly, but in trying to select the correct video card I committed suicide by chooseing somthing "similar"... Now I'm unable to get back into graphical, with X giving me an error message.
(I'm sorry I can't give details, I'm in Xp right now, and this is the dual boot to Linux... Can't type and be in a messed up Linux at the same time.)

I'm looking to find ways to fix this instead of reinstalling, because reinstalling doesn't teach me anything. :>

I will try to get more detailed spects as I can, and as needed.

Anyways, now that I've spammed you,

Asus A8n-SLI Premium
AMD 64 4800+ X2
2 GB Corsair Valuse Select
Soundblaster Audigy 2 Plat
Realteck AC97
Logitech wireless Trackman Marble
Hays 56k External Serial Modem
Linksys WMP-11 Wifi card
Creative Modemblaster Win-modem
CyberDrive CD-Rw
Sony Dual layer DVD+-Rw
250GB Seagate Sata HDD

Logitech G15
Wacom Graphire2
Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2
Canon S450 Photo heads
Canon S600 normal heads
Sony Clie
Sony MD-walkman

many speakers..

Dual boot into Windows Xp Pro
possibly triple boot with Vista

yes, both sound cards. Thats the next project.