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    rca dcm cable modem on slackware

    ok i have a dell thats booting linux and winxp so if i turn on my computer it defaults to xp but if i put in a boot floppy it brings lilo up and boots linux which is good om a dual booting system becasue when my brother installed dual booting his hard drive crashed so backt to my orginal question so i installed it and was wondering if there is any way to get my cale modem on USB to work with out a ether card even thoguht i have one on the way thanx for an help

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    c'mon buddy.
    did you do a search for that before posting? there a lot of posts on this site and others about cable modems and usb.

    i never really looked into, but i have seen lots of posts during other searches. Its my understanding that it should work just fine, but depends on which cable modem you have.

    Do a google for your cable modem name along with usb and linux. I'm sure you'll come up with something.

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    of course i searched i used to live totaly in other froums i no what i'm doin i read them well i figured it out my self the only way was to get a nic so i did

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