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    Dead CMOS Battery - Can't boot from either CD or floppy

    I'm trying to install a a cut down version of Linux (specifically DeLi or Vector) on a Pentium 166 with 48 megs of RAM. The problem is that the CMOS battery is dead, so every time the computer restarts, the BIOS reverts to default settings. Here's the problem. The default boot order is C, A. So the Harddrive boots before the floppy does. So I can't even use a boot disk. Currently the computer has Windows 98 on it. Is there any way I can get Linux on this computer without being able to boot either from a CD or a floppy? Is there an installer that launches from Windows that will allow me to repartion, install etc. and have only Linux left after?

    Network installation might be possible, but can I repartition and format through a network connection? Anyone have any links regarding installation via network?

    Aargh! Can't even use a bootdisk!


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    I'm going to get a new battery, but I may not be able to get one in a timely manner. This computer needs to be switched over sooner rather than later, so does anyone have a work around given that I can't boot from either a floppy or a CD?


    EDIT -- I found a solution, I had another old motherboard with the same model of battery and in it went. Sorry for wasting everyone's time

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    oddly enough your system worked without a CMOS battery. I didn't even know this was possible... I thought it relied on it for a BIOS and all... apparently I am wrong...

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    bios is based in read only memory or eeprom or eprom erom were e is erasible and p is programable, you cannot lose bios data unless u physicly remove the data, it is called solid state, cmos is were you costume bios data is stored not were bios is stored, there two chips for this

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