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    Question Realtek ALC882 CODEC HD-Audio


    I have this card integrated on my motherboard, I compiled to the kernel, it works, except 2 very important thing:

    -the card automatically recognize when you plug a cable in (windows), now there is no such thing in linux, it works only as 2.1

    -sometimes it generate loud noise when i use vlc

    Anyone made all audio channel, at least 5.1 work with this cardin linux? And if yes then how. I just downloaded the official realtek driver.

    cat realtek-linux-audiopack-4.06a/Readme.txt |more

    The source code copy from Advanced Linux Sound Architecture - ALSA. ver:3.3-4
    Linux Source Code for ALC audio codec
    Support Codec list:

    I don't think it worth time to try, must be the same as in alsa.

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    Since I read some forum like
    Still no sound with HDA Intel - Chip Realtek ALC882 [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums
    about realtek driver flaws I decided to disable the card and use my blaster. For those who want to try here is a good start:

    When you plug a cable in and select what output channel will that be in windows, I think permanently saved somewhere, so those who don't get any sound basically just have a wrong connector/channel settings but the card driver itself work. So you should work about it how to assign these in linux. Hope it helped. If you have a dual boot box then it gotta easier to play with this stuff.

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