I was struggling with the CRC errors while installing Fedora Linux. Windows install was also halting due to decoding error. Looks like the memory or the motherboard has problems.

When a memtest86+ v 1.70 was run, got an almost empty blue screen without any information about the chipset. It was showing the CPU speed, L1 and L2 caches but the chipset info was absent. And so was any other data related to the test.

Thought it might still be running. But overnight run of memtest86+ also resulted in same blue screen with no additional info. It seems memtest86+ has not recognized the chipset.

Can anyone help me in finding out a way to run a memory test to declare it bad? Or install Linux successfully without crc errors?

Thanks in advance!!

(Cannot find out the name of the motherboard right now, will try to provide that info [is that written on the board somewhere?]).

Best Regards,