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    Exclamation Pc wont power on

    I just got a new case, i am trying to move my store bought unit into this new case. My problem is that the original case has front usb ports and a multi card reader built in, however i do not have mounting spots for those in the new case,so i decided to leave them out. Now my pc does not start, i tested it back in the old case and it worked fine, only when i had these connected, about 4 wires or so. So basiclly i am looking for a way to make my system work without these, mabie some sort of jumper or something anyone have any ideas?

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    You shouldn't need to have the usb ports and multicard reader connected for your pc to work. If your PC doesn't power on at all, 1) makesure the the Power supply connector is properly connected to the motherboard and 2) makesure your power supply is actually turned on. If it still doesn't work its possible your motherboard is damaged.

    You shouldn't go near your computer parts without an anti-static wristband, this will ground you and prevent your static electricty from damaging the parts in your computer.

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