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Well... here's one for the books...
Ok, here are some of the books that I found helpful in my learning of Linux:

"SUSE LINUX 9.0 Administration Guide", 2nd edition, 2003
"Hacking Linux Exposed", 2nd edition, 2003
"Linux Shell Scripting with Bash", 2004
"Linux Kernel Programming", 3rd edition, 2002
"DNS and BIND", 4th edition, 2001
"Teach Yourself Pearl in 24 hours", 2nd edition, 2002
"Network Security Assessment", 1st edition, 2004
"Linux Server Hacks", 1st edition, 2003
"Linux Pocket Guide", 1st edition, 2004
"Knoppix Pocket Reference", 1st edition, 2005
"Samba Pocket Reference", 2nd edition, 2003
"MySQL Phrasebook" 2006

There were several others, which I cannot find right now, and those that I used to borrow from the library back when I was student.

Each of those books offers some good information that I used in real life.

Hope this helps.