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    laptop and monitor

    is it possible to hooke my laptop up too a regular pc monitor so i use the pc monitor instead of the laptop monitor

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    You can connect a PC Monitor to your laptop and use the PC Monitor as your laptop display but you cant use your laptop screen as a PC Monitor unless ur a braniac and dismantel ur laptop and add a VGA (or DVI) connector to the wires.

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    laptop to pc monitor

    This actaully make your graphics card work better, as the power normally used by the monitor is redistributed. I am not totally sure of the reason, but on my lold laptop this was definatly the case. I would recommend giving it a go. If it does not work, what have you lost?? There should be a standard VGA port on the rear of the laptop. If there is go for it.

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    If there is a video out (a 'usually' blue, female serial port) connect your monitor to it, and go into the properties of your graphics card.

    there should be a section to have multiple monitors (or to change the default output monitor) and make sure you have all current drivers installed

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    sounds great i'am thinking about buying a laptop and using it as my home and on the go comp

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