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    Generic AMD8211 WiFi Card - help

    Hi there,

    I have just loaded Redhat 9 on a desktop machine which has a generic pci 802.11b card, I opened the box and deteremined that the chipset is AMD8211, also the model number of the card seems to be D43064.

    anyway, I have no idea how to configure this for the machine and my wife is going to find my claims that Linux is better than Windows quite dubious if we have to run a CAT5 cable through our dining room!

    any help is MOST appreciated.

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    perhaps you mean adm8211?

    i have a similar situation and i have been unable to get it to work yet.... but i'm running the 2.6 kernel on mandrake 10.

    There are drivers for this chipset (also 2.6 drivers but i can't get it to work)

    here are the drivers from admtek's site (which hear don't work may not work very well)

    and here is an open source project which has 2.6 and MIGHT work on 2.4 kernels

    (below is the site i got the open source link from, it may have more information)


    If you get it to work, please post how, especially if you are running a 2.6 kernel

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    AMD8211 is a kernel module.. check in menuconfig --> hardware -> networking

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    Re: Generic AMD8211 WiFi Card - help

    I have the same wireless card and getting it work requires a good line of sight from the AP. I tried that from a room without line of sight and was rewarded with lousy results.

    -pcmcia service must be started e.g. 'service pcmcia start'
    -gcc compiler installed for driver compilation.
    -kernel source code
    -drivers tar file (usually w/o binary driver)

    First, you need to get the tar files that contains the driver source, you need to untar the files. There will be 2 make files, one for 2.4 kernel and 2.6 kernel, the correct make file should be called 'Makefile', default works for the 2.4 kernel. There are no binaries, you need to compile it and you need the kernel source to be installed priror to driver compilation.

    uname -r tells you which kernel is installed. you have to go to to look for the correct kernel rpm. You need to install the kernel source e.g. 'rpm -i <kernel_source_rpm_name>'. To check if the kernel source is installed, you could use the following command, 'rpm -qa | grep kernel'. You should see messages stating whether the kernel_source_XXX version is found (installed properly).

    The 'make' command compiles the driver.

    if compilation is sucessful, (usually thats the case if kernel source is installed sucessful), a 8211.o binary file is created, thats the device driver. use the insmod command to load the driver e.g. 'insmod 8211.o -f'

    next, you need to configure the wireless settings:
    For example, your SSID is happy, 64bit (aka 40 bit) wep key enabled and the key is 7788778877 (not hex), channel is 1, AP type is 802.11, the commands are:

    (to see if the wireless interface is visible, usually called eth0)
    (driver is loaded if the card is inserted before you insmod the driver)

    (activate the interface)
    ifconfig eth0 up

    (setting the AP and WEP settings, usually 6 or more seconds required)
    (after the command is issued if line of sight not available)
    iwconfig eth0 essid "happy" channel 1 rate 11M

    (now i used a 40/60bit WEP shared key , non hexadecimal)
    iwconfig eth0 key 7788778877
    iwconfig eth0 key 7788778877 restricted

    (next you need to configure the IP address of your wireless interface
    its, difficult to get dhclient to work yet)

    ifconfig eth0

    (assuming that your AP is also a router/NAT has IP
    route add default gateway

    Line of sight must be visible for best results.
    If the card ain't blinking, tough luck, no signal.
    If you 'upgrade' the kernel, you need to recompile the driver.

    if you need the driver, send me a email.

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