I am completely new to linux so be sure to explain everything in detail!

I am dual booting puppy linux 2.17 and windows xp on my computer. I have a dell dimension 4600 and the sound works fine on xp.

I have to say i am very happy with puppy linux and its simplicity. im still getting used to some things but over all i am really liking linux

when i installed linux there was no sound. I tried using the alsa config wizard 1.0.8 and it recognizes my sound card as intel8x0, and it installs it and. i cant hear the test sound, and i cant hear anything on youtube or any media.

The volume is turned up on taskbar and on my speakers. as far as the exact type of sound card, i dont really know, its just the one that came with the dell, im sure theres a way i can figure it out if you need to know.

Please help me! Im dealing with this steep learning curve and i really do like linux, but if it doesnt have sound its not worth it, id rather use windows.

if i left any info out sry just ask.