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    Connecting WYSE terminals through serial port extensions (Perle board)

    Not exactly familiar with serial port communication--and thats causing a lot of grief...
    unable to get the WYSE dumb terminal working.....I have checked the serial port setting-they seem to be fine...the perle serial port extension (PCI card giving 4 port outlet ) ports show up as ttyPS0-ttyPS3
    Running these commands gives

    setserial -a /dev/ttyPS1
    /dev/ttyPS1, Line 1, UART: Cirrus, Port: 0xe008, IRQ: 2
    Baud_base: 921600, close_delay: 500, divisor: 0
    closing_wait: 30000
    Flags: spd_normal

    setserial -a /dev/ttyS0
    /dev/ttyS0, Line 0, UART: 16550A, Port: 0x03f8, IRQ: 4
    Baud_base: 115200, close_delay: 50, divisor: 0
    closing_wait: 3000
    Flags: spd_normal skip_test

    echo /etc/hosts > /dev/ttyPS1
    just waits/hangs on the next line.

    contents of log file ----> mgetty.log.ttyPS1

    07/27 08:51:17 PS1 tio_get_rs232_lines: status: RTS DTR
    07/27 08:51:17 PS1 WARNING: DSR is off - modem turned off or bad cable?
    07/27 08:51:17 PS1 lowering DTR to reset Modem
    07/27 08:51:18 PS1 tss: set speed to 9600 (015)
    07/27 08:51:18 PS1 tio_set_flow_control( HARD )
    07/27 08:51:18 PS1 waiting for line to clear (VTIME=1), read:
    07/27 08:51:18 PS1 waiting for line to clear (VTIME=3), read:
    07/27 08:51:18 PS1 removing lock file
    07/27 08:51:18 PS1 waiting...
    07/27 09:51:17 PS1 checking lockfiles, locking the line
    07/27 09:51:17 PS1 makelock(ttyPS1) called
    07/27 09:51:17 PS1 do_makelock: lock='/var/lock/LCK..ttyPS1'
    07/27 09:51:17 PS1 lock made
    07/27 09:51:17 PS1 waiting for line to clear (VTIME=3), read:
    07/27 09:51:18 PS1 utmp + wtmp entry made
    07/27 09:51:18 PS1 tio_set_flow_control( HARD )
    07/27 09:51:18 PS1 print welcome banner (/etc/issue)
    07/27 09:55:18 PS1 getlogname: timeout
    07/27 09:55:18 PS1 getlogname (AUTO_PPP), read:

    have I set it up as a modem ? Instead of a direct I am lost...

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    In my (little) experience, i just typed
    w/out quotes
    "getty ttyS0 9600,8,N,1"

    and the terminals worked.

    I realize it's not much help,and I was just using a built in RS-232 port, but thats what I did.

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    Thanks for the reply
    finally gave up on that board..using anther pci board and that looks all good...

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