yeah I tried thestartkde - it said tht it was trying to search for some Xserver and it goes into loop . when i use kdm nothing happens - the command just goes to the next line - but when i am shutting down the pc it says kdm not started says tht the pid was not found

meanwhile I went ahead and downloaded puppy linux - the problem with tht linux is tht when shutting down the pc it asks me where to save the files I created - when I ask it to save the files it says it cant coz the file system is not good - curious

i try to reinstall the knoppix again - the first msg I get on the root is - hda5 is not mounted and then it says tht file system is bad. So maybe tht is the root of all errors )

i tried using partmagic and qtparted - both of them format the hdd and say it is in ext3 format - but the root says tht the file system ext2 looks werid. I go back to cfscan and look the file system is linux!!! no matter what i change the file system to eg. ntfs volume set or linux swap/solaris the root still says tht it cannot understand the file system - I make sure tht i write everytime I change the filesystem - but the effort till now proved futile. by the way i used qtparted to change the filesystem to ntfs.

i believe i should not be having all these errors - but belive I am doing this for the first time - and thanks a lot for your patience and understanding.