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    Low System Specs!

    I'm currently trying to install various Linux distributions to get a program called listener running. My system is an AMD K6-2 500 with 376MB of ram and an 8Mb shared ram video card with a 40 GB hard drive. I need a Linux distribution with the smallest possible used system resources in order to give most of the power to the listener program. I tried Ubuntu first but it wouldn't even install in graphical mode and a realized that it wouldn't work because it was running X which would take a lot of the system resources. I tried installing Damn Small Linux, but it also seems to run x, isn't really made to be native to the HDD and actually had a couple of problems running while I was using it. (don't know if it was system resources or not) I'm going to browse through DistroWatch again, but any suggestions are much appreciated.

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    Take a look at Arch or Crux. They both allow for a very small base system install and shouldn't be too heavy on resources.

    We also have this poll that might provide some info for you:

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    Thank you ozar, I'll have to give them a try. This machine is rather picky though. DSL doesn't properly run the install script for the debian-type install which is what I need, and I tried Mandriva last night just for the hell of it and the install seg-faults part of the way through (Weird, I know.)

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    I'm having some great experiences. I tried an old version of slackware but it seemed to not be bootable (is 3.0 bootable? and are the system requirements of the newer versions low enough to run on the above system.)
    I then tried Puppy linux and while it does look like both a great and solid distribution, the ideal install of this system is from the hdd without an internet connection so for now it's out (although it looks like I may have to adapt my server vision)
    I then tried CRUX which as soon as I pressed enter to boot, it restarted the machine and would never get all the way through boot (is this a typical problem? do I need an older version to get CRUX to work?)
    I then tried Arch Linux which as soon as I pressed enter to boot on that it gave the error message PANIC: CPU is too old for this Kernel version. (I suppose I have the same questions here as CRUX)
    I'm going to try Vector in the meantime and then start messing around with Puppy a bit more, any help or further suggestions or recommendations would be helpful.

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