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    Cant install or start live cd

    I have a problem.
    I have one of thos old laptops, and have decided that i want to run linux on it. Only problem is that i cant get any distro to start. No installs nor live cds work.
    I must have tried 10 distros (eg. ubuntu, mandriva, kubuntu, elive) and some others.
    System info of my laptop:
    Intel(R) Celeron(R) M CPU 420, 1.6ghz
    ati radeon xpress graphics
    500mb ram.

    Any suggestions anyone?

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    Are you sure that you are downloading and burning the files to the blank CD properly?

    Here's a HowTo that gives the proper steps:

    What kind of errors are you getting, if any?

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    Make sure when you burn the cd, you burn it as an image. the contents of the distro comes in the iso format but sometimes when people make the cd, the y burn the actual one file with the iso extension to the cd. when the image is burned it sorta unzip the content from ther iso to the cd, the cd hsould contain more than one file. also check the bios setting to make sure that the cdrom is the first device for boot.

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    The cds arent burnt wrong. They work on my other computer.
    And i dont get any messages. The screen just goes blank after i choose one of the options in the boot menu. The the "loading linux kernel" comes up. And after that the screen turns black. Its like that with every distro. And they all work on my other computer.

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    try selecting the option Installation--Safe Settings from the menu and type command line pci=nomsi then press enter

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    Thanx dude.
    But i think i have fixed the problem now.
    There was an option in the mandriva installation. "text - ACPI Disabled" (i think it was named like that).
    And it is installing as i write.
    So, now lets just see if it works to after installation.

    Thanx for your advice.

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    Ok. So I managed to install Mandriva. Next question.
    How do i get my wlan to work in Mandriva??

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