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    Question Hard Drive Doubts

    Hello. I'm planning to install Ubunto on my old desktop computer. I've checked if the disk's valid, not corrupted, and what not. Now I have a small doubt with my hard drives.

    I have two hard drives in my old desktop: one 14 GB, another 200 GB. The 14 GB is where Windows is installed, and the 200 GB is a slave drive. The slave drive contains a lot of media that I'm hassling to copy into separate discs. I really feel I don't have enough time or storage to completely backup all the data; and that is why a small question has appear in my mind: How will Linux react to the hard drive? Will it ignore it since the partition where Linux will be installed is not in that hard drive?

    Is it possible to install Linux on both hard drives, and in the process preserve the data from the 200 GB one? If not, can I still install Linux on both hard drives? Should I remove the 14 GB one, replace it with the 200 GB freshly formatted, and simply install Linux on it?

    There are a few facts to keep in mind: My 200 GB hard drive is a Maxtor. I do not care about preserving Windows, and I'm ready to format the 200 GB hard drive or eliminate the 14 GB hard drive if completely necessary. My main goal is to have a complete and clean install of Linux without any problems.

    Thank you for reading. I will greatly appreciate your professional opinion towards the subject.

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    I think the main thing here is, the 200GB slave drive, is it one large partition or is it more than one partition? If it's not one large partition, then you could install Linux on this drive and not worry about Windows. If it's one large partition then you could look at resizing the partition smaller so you can create new partitions on it.
    The easiest way to do this, in my opinion, is to copy everything you can to the Windows drive, or use a CD Burner to copy everything. Then install Linux to the Slave drive. This way you can keep Linux and Windows. Another thing to consider, create an extra partition (Fat32) so that you can share files between OS's.
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